Are you as creative and innovative as you want to be? How valuable would it be to maximize your ability to generate more powerful ideas and inventive solutions?

Most of us realize that the best way to become irrelevant fast in the modern world is to neglect this skillset: those who don’t fully develop their creative and innovative thinking skills will be pushed out by those who do. On the other hand, if there is such a thing as unfair competitive advantage in business and life, then it’s probably based on our ability to come up with more ingenious solutions and new ideas.

Although creativity is one of the most highly praised skills most people neglect it because it is also considered one of the most difficult skills to hone. Fortunately, most of us can substantially enhance those skills and it may be easier than many people think.

Our workshops, which typically last half a day to a full day, bring together some of the most powerful and simple mind hacks and psychological strategies for maximizing creative thinking. Many of these techniques bring substantial benefits while requiring only relatively modest investment of time and effort.

Nearly all the principles and techniques introduced in our workshops will be invaluable to anyone who needs to increase their ability to see opportunities that others fail to notice and come up with more ingenious solutions and original ideas.

Typically our workshops are usually most in demand with the following target audiences:

  • Business executives, entrepreneurs, and marketing strategists
  • Writers, copywriters and creative advertisers
  • Investment managers and analysts
  • Software and product developers

We deliver our workshops in the US, UK, and Europe. You can read more about our workshop program here.