There is something wonderful and even magical about our ability to think creatively and innovatively. At the same time this ability often seems too unpredictable and even haphazard. At Creativity Hacker our goal has been to identify and bring together the most powerful mind hacks which can substantially boost our ability to generate innovative solutions and think outside the box.

Our core focus is on training. Our core approach has been to create a blend of mind hacks and psychological strategies which are easy to apply in practice but which are also grounded in solid research. This approach helps people to develop some very solid and practical skills which they can use in almost any situation.

Since we primarily specialize now in creativity training we no longer do any substantial consulting work. Occasionally, however, we will still do some consulting work relating to social innovation.

Our professional experience is mostly based on our prior consulting work of applying behavioral sciences to variety of business domains. In particular, our core specialty was strategic decision making as well as application of behavioral decision making to business strategy, marketing, and decision making in complex negotiations.